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Everything starts with inspiration!

You attract talent to realise your business strategy. But how do you get that strategy alive at all levels of the organisation? You do that with the inspiring goal.

It translates management jargon into inspiration, and that attracts real talent. Ambitious employees want to help build and have meaning. A well-formulated inspiring goal is therefore the driver to realise strategy and daily goals. The flywheel for nonstop employer branding.

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Why an inspiring goal?
The inspiring goal is directly linked to the strategy of the organisation. But it transcends woolly management language. The focus is on the connection with the collective.
An inspiring purpose gives 20% to 30% higher employee engagement (Bersin by Deloitte, 2015).
Millennials strongly committed to the company’s inspiring purpose are 5.3 times more loyal (PwC, 2018).
68% of companies do not use the inspiring purpose as a guide in their daily actions and decisions (PwC, 2018).
'Purpose’ -driven companies perform financially 42% better than average (Corporate Board / EY Global Leadership Forecast, 2019).

Goals as a partner

Years of experience

Goals has developed an inspiring purpose over the past 16 years with the management of more than 100 companies.

From policy to experience

We let the inspiring purpose live with all colleagues. Our work goes way beyond management.


We connect the inspiring goal with all the building blocks of the candidate and employee journey.

Workshop ‘Inspirational goal’ gives your company wings

On this interactive management day, we build the inspiring goal based on strategy. We provide a challenge with interesting examples and perspectives. With an eye for translation to the entire organisation based on cultural values and team composition.

They also worked with Goals on their inspiring goal:
DELA. Make life work

For DELA, we developed the inspiring goal as a driver to become a ‘Great place to work’.

Childcare Thanks to you

At an industry level, we gave inspiring and qualitative meaning to the work of a pedagogical employee.

The collective of ABC E

With ABC E BUSINESS, we transformed the strategy into a collective goal that appeals to everyone’s potential.

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work values & inspiring purpose

The benefits of Referral Recruitment

Referral recruitment. Employee-employee-employee. Via-via recruitment. In almost no labor market communication plan this form of recruitment is missing. Logical, because referral recruitment offers many advantages.

Tattoo or not tattoo

Is your talent really such a fan that they would get a tattoo of the organisation? During this stimulating workshop, we’ll take you through all facets of irresistible employership. From an inspiring goal to a modern goal-setting.

Get started with your inspiring goal

An inspiring goal gives your company wings! How? We’re happy to share this with you! Give talent direction with an inspiring goal, aka a BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL (BHAG). A strong BHAG energises, inspires, and connects employees, and can also lead to unprecedented business results.

Real talent wants to be challenged to improve existing skills and develop new ones. Give them direction with an inspiring goal. Make it challenging, exciting, or maybe even a bit outrageous. You can only achieve ambitious goals if you think and work ‘differently’ and do it better every day.

Free inspiration session

In an interactive online or offline session, we take you on the Goals nonstop journey. We inspire with striking examples, and show how we can help you become an irresistible organisation. Enter your details, and we’ll contact you to discuss your challenges.

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