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Visibility is beautiful, activation is the art

Being visible to your target groups on the labour market is important. Active job seekers will have your company top-of-mind. But for latent job seekers – the majority of talented candidates – this is different; you really have to activate them. They don’t click on the “apply now” button from the start.

That’s why we apply three levels in employer branding communication: attention, interaction, and evidence. We create relevance for the target group and get it moving. This makes the Goals job marketing activities many times more successful.

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Why a labour market campaign?
You load and maintain an employer brand many times and on many channels. If you’re regularly visible as an employer, the engagement and/or acceptance rate is up to 300% higher at the time of applying.
On average, approximately 70% of the candidates are latent job seekers (LinkedIn, 2018). In most organisations, recruitment activities are aimed at active job seekers.
79% of job seekers use social media in their search (SHRM, 2016). A candidate uses an average of 18 different sources to form a picture of the organisation. In short, an integral plan for all forms of appearance is essential.
With a well-designed online recruitment process, in which paid and organic social media activities are linked to a powerful career website, the conversion from website visits to applicants is approximately 12%. (Jobvite, 2018). Are you reaching this number already?
Candidates trust an authentic story. 68% of job seekers want to understand the pros and cons of the organization. Reviews are an increasingly important source of this.

Goals as a partner


We’re experts in transforming vacancies into candidate-oriented communication. This is the best way to get latent jobseekers moving.

Attention, interaction, and evidence

Thanks to our special activation method, we realise many contact moments in the candidate journey. The employer brand therefore has a direct effect on the success of the job marketing.

Online and offline

The right mix of activities, resources, and channels provides the best result. We therefore focus on the online and offline areas and know where the active and latent candidates are located.

Goals campaign management

Online employer branding and job marketing requires specialist services. Our online campaign team not only knows how to achieve a lot of online reach, but also really activates the target group. Take out a flexible campaign subscription with us to experience the difference.

They also realised real candidate activation with Goals:
Childcare Thanks to you

Through the deployment of Goals campaign management, we achieved more than 300,000 visitors to the platform in the first two campaign months. The orientation tool was completed by more than 10,000 visitors.

Holla’ Office Elector

With the Office Elector, we’re relevant for legal profession students. This is an important target group for new recruits. In the first three campaign months, the tool was completed over 1,200 times and Holla received more than 30 additional qualitative applications.

Sharing. That’s Detron! What do you share?

In an accessible and humorous way, we figured out how to win the hard-to-to reach IT target group for Detron. In the first quarter of the campaign, more than 2,000 visitors were introduced to Detron’s unique working values through the interactive tool. The number of applicants has also increased significantly.

A unique offline activation with 3D glasses

In the tight IT market, an offline market approach proved effective. With a pair of cardboard VR (Virtual Reality) glasses and accompanying VR film, candidates experience how they can get a head-start on the future at Ctact.

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visibility and activation

The role of (internal) communication in improving employee engagement

The role of internal communication is often underestimated when it comes to increasing employee involvement. Yet communication is the critical success factor. Communication connects all factors that are important in increasing employee engagement.

Tattoo or not tattoo

Is your talent really such a fan of the organization that they would tattoo the logo? During this tantalizing workshop we'll give you insights into all the building blocks needed to become an attractive employer. From an inspiring goal to ambitious goal setting.

Labour market communication plan on one A4

The labour market communication plan is intuitive and concise. The various components together help you to tell a good employer branding story. In a way that everyone involved understands and embraces it and can further strengthen the story to the outside.

The visibility supports the employer promise; you show that it’s true (corporate behaviour). By using the right media/channels and a layered communication method, you not only communicate, but you also activate. With those interaction moments, you get the candidate moving.

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