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Retaining talent is also done by creating a good work climate and good cooperation within and between teams. With the unique Flow programme, we ensure positive team development (Flow), which contributes unconditionally to the realisation of personal and team goals.

Talent will in turn perform better, experience more satisfaction and happiness, and it’s really meaningful for what they came to work in the organisation for.

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Why (team) development?
Flow is a state that we experience when we’re completely absorbed in an activity. Flow provides motivation and energy. It strengthens mutual trust in a team (safe climate), and provides a joint direction and focus.
75% of employees consider good cooperation within the team to be very important (Queens University of Charlotte).
54% of employees say that a strong sense of community (great colleagues, celebrating successes, and a shared inspiring goal) ensures that they stay with the company longer than intended (Gusto).
Knowledge workers spend approximately 14% of their time on internal collaboration. Good collaboration increases productivity by 20 to 25% (McKinsey, 2018).
On average, organisations spend one or two days a year on team development. 67% of employees would like to spend more time on this (Market research fit teamwork, 2018).

Goals as a partner

Experience in practice

We’re certified Teams in Flow consultants with a lot of practical experience in various industries.

Talent in Flow

In addition to the flow in the team, we also highlight individual flow. This keeps talent optimally connected to the organisation.

Innovative and result-oriented

Our approach delivers openness, transparency, teamwork, and collective awareness. This stimulates innovation and results within the organisation.

Inspiration session Teamflow

Curious how you can get your organisation in flow? Find out during an inspiration session with the management of the organisation.

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Optimal internal communication

Effective internal communication is indispensable in creating committed, passionate, and energetic employees. Committed, enthusiastic, and energetic employees are necessary to achieve ambitious goals and develop teams.

From capitalism to talentism. Continuous talent search, fast-managing teams, and very ambitious goals! This is today's reality. Team and personal development can therefore no longer be missing from the talent agenda of organisations. I ALSO WANT MY TEAMS IN FLOW

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