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A surprising selection process is of unprecedented value

Contact between talent and organisation takes many forms. Think of a career fair, job interview, or online intake. These are important selection moments not only for you as an employer. The candidate also tests whether the employer brand is in line with their reality.

Whether it really clicks depends in part on well-designed, distinctive, and surprising conversations and events. If you allow these moments to fit in well with the candidate’s work values and information needs, the chances of a mutual match are greatest.

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Why a mutual selection process?
Candidates must make at least seven important decisions before they join your company. It’s therefore extremely important to remove these barriers and prevent unnecessary downtime. Your communication in this is decisive.
Job-seeking millennials use work values to test whether they can identify with an organisation, and whether the work is in line with their personal mission and motivations (LinkedIn, 2019). By making this clearly known, you increase the interest in your organisation by a factor of three.
Development and career opportunities are, especially for young talent, increasingly important conditions for applying for a job at an organisation (Labour Market Behavioural Research, 2018). During a job interview, it’s very important to pay sufficient attention to this and to test whether the candidate also fits the ambition level of the organisation.
80 to 90% of candidates indicate that the experiences during the interview and/or the introduction strongly influence their thoughts about the position (LinkedIn, 2015).
80% of the candidates said that the personal connection during an introduction and/or the job interview was an important part of their decision (Matter Sight, 2017).

Goals as a partner

Tailormade approach

Every industry, type of organisation, and culture requires a specific approach to the mutual selection process. Goals offers tailormade support in structuring and concretely filling in this important phase in the candidate journey.


We’re experts in developing interactive communication tools. From online games to offline call cards. Everything is done with the aim of generating a ‘WOW’ effect for the potential candidate. This gamification of the application process has proven to be successful.

Measuring instrument

Measuring is knowing! And that’s why we also offer a tool that can measure the experience of candidates during the selection process. This is very valuable information to further optimise your process and better align it with your target market.

Quick scan of mutual selection process

Do you want to provide insight into the improvement potential of the mutual selection? Request a quick scan, and discover the improvements that you can make in this process.

They also realised a surprising selection process with Goals:
The offline job cards of Utrecht University

This was the ideal way for the university to attract visitors to its booth, and then start an interactive conversation. By properly attuning the content of the cards to the job drivers of the target group and the work values of the organisation, it becomes clear whether a candidate may be a good fit for the organisation.

Gamification of the Detron working values

Through an accessible and humorous game, we let the hard-to-reach IT worker interact with the work values of the organisation. In the first quarter of the campaign, we were able to activate more than 2,000 visitors to go through the entire game, and the number of applicants has increased significantly.

Selection tools for decentralised organisations

Does a candidate have the same experience at all locations and/or departments ? If you leave this to chance, they almost certainly won’t. We did a check for various large (decentralised) organisations, and generated selection tools that matched the employer brand and culture.

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mutual selection process

10 tips for improving employee engagement

Surely every organization wants employees who are fully committed to making the organization a success? With these 10 tips you can concretely get to work on improving employee engagement.

Tattoo or not tattoo

Do you have employees who are such fans that they would get a tattoo of the organisation? During this stimulating workshop, we take you through all the steps of irresistible employer ship. From an inspiring goal to a modern goal-setting, to even the offboarding phase.

Labour market communication plan on one A4

How do you find, win, and bind candidates who successfully perform a similar position elsewhere? With a well-founded labour market communication strategy, a powerful and distinctively positioned employer brand, and clear challenges.

At a time when there are more jobs than job seekers, it’s important that you stand out positively. Candidates should get a ‘wow’ feeling about your organisation. Not once. No. Every time you ‘meet’ each other. Top talent is, on average, only 10 days away from entering the market (Jobvite 2019). Structure and transparency in the process increase the speed and confidence of a candidate in your organisation. The more you give them insight into the actual organisational culture, the more likely you will be on their shortlist (Jobvite , 2017). With an actual hire, you also prevent competitors from stealing your talent. Double the win! Of course, it’s also important to remain committed yourself. Challenge candidates and involve the right people in the interview. Selecting the wrong candidate once costs an organisation more than €10,000 on average. In addition, poor selection can lead to a decrease in overall productivity, morale, and performance, which results in higher turnover (CV-Library research).

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