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The red carpet effect

Out of sight, but not out of mind. Employees who leave in a pleasant way remain ambassadors for life. And who knows, maybe your paths will cross again later in their career. Keep the door open, and give them the red carpet effect. The departure of a colleague is just as valuable as the arrival. Creating the ‘WOW’ effect when staff leave is extremely important. In this phase of the (ex) employment contract, word-of-mouth promotion of employer ship is very high. It’s the perfect time to evaluate how the collaboration has gone. It’s the moment when the employee looks back and looks to the future with anticipation. It’s not certain whether those expectations will come true because the grass isn’t always greener at a competitor.

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Why employee offboarding?
The last contact you have with your employee lingers the longest. Ensuring that the employee has a positive experience during the departure leaves them with a positive feeling. Good offboarding therefore ensures positive PR in the outside world, which in turn contributes to the strengthening of your employer brand. In addition, it offers good employees the opportunity to return.
Feedback you receive from exit interviews will help you identify and address organisational issues. In addition, it ensures a good relationship with the former employee (Giacolone and Duhon, 2012).
More than half the employees who leave are negative about the employer. Only 10% of them promote their previous employer, and 29% are reasonably enthusiastic (Integron research).
70% of applicants look at company reviews before making career decisions, many of which are written by former employees (Glassdoor, 2016).
Almost 40% of hiring managers see benefits in re-hiring former employees. They’re familiar with the culture of the organisation, and are often more productive (The Corporate Culture and Boomerang Employee Study, 2019).

Goals as a partner

Surprisingly creative

Injecting an element of surprise in this phase of the candidate and employee journey can create ambassadors for life. We provide a creative interpretation, in line with the employer brand!

The total picture

We help you make the offboarding process part of the employer promise. An optimal process with surprising elements guarantees a pleasant departure.

Measuring is knowing

The effect of good offboarding can be measured with the Journey Promoter Score. All touchpoints of the candidate and employee journey are easily accessible with this clear tool.

Advice on offboarding

Giving a positive twist to the fact that someone who is leaving offers opportunities for you as a company, and gives the employee a positive feeling. Discover the improvement potential of the current offboarding programme, and be surprised by our creative advice.

They also achieved a powerful offboarding programme with Goals:
Crowe. A powerful offboarding

For Crowe Foederer, in addition to a powerful onboarding programme, we’ve also been able to express the employer brand with the associated employer promise in a surprising and powerful offboarding of departing employees.

Catch Scientists with Science

We developed a very well-thought-out employer brand for Eindhoven University of Technology. Stories by scientists for scientists. The ultimate way to realise involvement. Even after a possible departure.

DELA. Work for the future

The question “How do you make life work?” allows DELA to think about the future. This is very valuable for goal-setting, development, and career prospects. In addition, this theme can also be used as a surprising element in offboarding.

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How do I use the Employee Promoter Score for strong labour market communication?

The EPS indicates the degree of loyalty and ambassadorship of employees. Why is it important to measure this, and how do you apply the results in your labour market communication?

Tattoo or not tattoo

Do you have fans who would even get a tattoo of the organisation? And also remain proud of it after they leave? During this stimulating workshop, we take you through all the facets of sustainable employment practices. From an inspiring goal to a surprising offboarding programme.

Referral recruitment

Referral recruitment – recruiting new talent through your own employees’ network – is a very powerful tool within employer branding. Don’t forget your network of former employees. This can be just as valuable.

One of the last phases in the employee journey is offboarding. How do you want former employees to remember you? Indeed, as a great employer. If you bid them a fond farewell, you have an ambassador for life. A good departure also ensures continuity in the operation and a positive ‘aftertaste’. It keeps the door open for a possible return at a later time.

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