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Don’t judge, build

Getting a little better every day. Realising ambitions. It starts with setting goals. The way in which this is done on an individual and team level determines the enthusiasm, effect, and results. 

The main reason your best employees leave for a competitor is not salary. In most cases, it’s the lack of a challenge. We ensure that your organisation stimulates and challenges so that employees can shine. 

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Why goal-setting?
Don’t see working with goals as an assessment measure. As a working method to achieve ambitions. In this way it becomes a way of working that contributes to irresistible employership.
Writing goals and coordinating with each other is stimulating. People who do this are three times more successful (Harvard Business Study, 2015). It provides social stimulation, but also improves ideas and cooperation.
51% of employees think the current method of performance assessment is not accurate enough, and 53% are not motivated by it.
Companies that set new goals every quarter perform 30% better than companies that do so annually (Bersin by  Deloitte, 2018).
Long-term goals provide direction and drive success. Short-term goals determine the impact of daily trading.

Goals as a partner

Years of experience

Goals has been successfully applying goal-setting methodologies for medium and large organisations for more than 16 years.


We translate best practices from leading top players such as Google, Netflix, and Facebook into the Dutch market, company culture, and specific industry characteristics.

Innovative and result-oriented

Our approach successfully delivers openness, transparency, teamwork, and a collective awareness that drives innovation and results.

Goals journey with OKR

Goals guides the goal-setting process for your entire organisation in five clear steps: tooling and implementation. Enquire about the programme.

They also built on development with Goals:
Childcare Thanks to you

Another connotation to the term ‘reception’ makes talent consider the meaning they can make within the profession of pedagogical assistant. In addition, it can stimulate employees to think about their desired goals and development within the profession.

Share. That’s Detron!

What do you share to achieve ambitious personal, team, and business results? This is a question that fits perfectly with the theme of the employer brand of the organisation. It is therefore deployable nonstop throughout the candidate and employee journey.

DELA. Make life work

The question ‘How do you make life work?’ allows employees to consider the future. This is very valuable for obtaining good insights into the desired development and career prospects, and is therefore the ideal hook to goal-setting.

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Employer brand activation in three steps

At Goals we hardly encounter any companies that are not involved in employer branding anymore. That makes us happy! It shows that employers understand that they need to present themselves to talent in an authentic, distinctive and credible way. Even when the supply on the market exceeds the demand.

Goal-setting for your organisation

Implement objectives and key results? Together with the entire organisation, we set ambitious goals that are supported collectively.

Goal-setting and performance management

Increase engagement and achieve results. These are two elements that ensure that you keep your fellow growers challenged. Don’t only rely on traditional methods of goal-setting and performance management. Rather, experience the power of OKR and exceed business goals.

Collective goals that match the inspiring goal challenge talent and ensure long-term cooperation. Many companies have this ambition, but few use performance and talent management to make positive change. This is definitely a missed opportunity to make the organisational foundation even more solid. Research by Bersin by Deloitte shows that companies that do this well can expect an increase in engagement of 20 to 30%. This is in addition to higher retention rates and better employee results.

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