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An employer brand is more than just a nice story

With a strong employer brand, you distinguish yourself as an employer on the labour market. This will win you the right talent. Every organization has an employer brand. You just have to identify it!

Describe the employer brand in an attractive Employee Value Proposition, in which you merge the image and reputation of the organization. Also add the organization’s identity and ambitions. That’s the start of establishing a powerful employer brand: the stepping stone for all external and internal communication

A strong employer brand stands out and activates. It’s authentic: in line with the working values of the organization, and the reality of everyday life (identity and image). At the same time, it radiates ambition. This is naturally in line with the inspiring purpose.

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Why an employer brand?
A distinctive employer brand gives an organization its own voice and sound, and ensures an extra strong recognisability on the labour market. It’s the magnet for attracting the right talent.
A strong employer brand reduces the ‘cost per hire’ on average by 43% (LinkedIn Talent Brand Data, 2015).
69% of active jobseekers indicated that they preferred to apply for a job at an organisation that actively propagates the employer brand (Glassdoor, 2019).
When running an authentic employer brand, the recommendation factor grows by more than 22% (KRC Research, 2014).
A strong employer brand increases the engagement of current employees and reduces employee turnover by up to 28% (LinkedIn Business, 2011).

Goals as a partner

Distinctive methodology

With our unique method, we really get to know the organization, its employees, and the environment. This ensures that results don’t linger on container concepts, but that we really touch the core of the distinctive character. The result is an authentic, smart, and powerful employer brand.

The perfect mix

You recruit the best candidates by showing the true nature of the organization and its employees. That’s why we develop an employer brand that reflects the organization; a perfect mix between reality and ambition.

Nonstop employer branding

It doesn’t stop with the creative communication concept. We advice you on how to implement the employer brand throughout the candidate and employee journey. We call this nonstop employer branding.

Analysis and concept ‘Nonstop Employer Branding’ model

An employer brand must be fully anchored in the full candidate and employee journey. Then as an organization you’re of enormous value to your candidates and employees. We call this nonstop employer branding. In the analysis and concept phase, we discover the unique characteristics of your organization and build a distinctive employer brand to find, win, and retain the right employees in an authentic and striking way.

They also built a distinctive employer brand with Goals:
Childcare thanks to you

In the first two months, this national campaign achieved more than 300,000 visitors and over 10,000 completed professional tests. Another connotation of the concept of ‘reception’ makes talent think about the meaning they can have.

Sharing.That’s Detron

We positioned Detron in the overstrained IT labour market on the basis of explicit work values. External and internal communication is strongly linked. The brand is not only visible, but there’s also a lot of visible interaction!

Holla. Do it best

With this positioning, Holla achieved considerable brand awareness with attorney trainees and students among the top 10 agencies in the Netherlands. With the unique Office Elector, she’s relevant to the target group and really makes a connection.

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create an employer brand

Four tips to avoid “a flying start”

Google "a flying start to your career" and you'll get over 2800 results. All of them are unique companies that unfortunately often use the same phrases to bring their challenging jobs to the man/woman.

tattoo or not tattoo

Is the talent really such a fan that they would place a tattoo of the organization? During this tantalizing workshop we will take you into all facets of being an attractive employer. From an inspiring purpose to modern goal setting and team development.

Labour market communication plan on one A4

A one-page strategy does not simplify content. On the contrary. Behind every box, every part of the plan, lies professional knowledge and insight into labour market communication, employer branding, and positioning.

You don’t make a brand; you already have that. It’s the same with an employer brand. With a strong employer brand, or employee brand, you show future employees why they would like to work for you. The real employer story is in the organization. That’s why the involvement of colleagues internally is indispensable for strong communication to the outside. Because who can better answer the question of why your organization is a great employer than your own employees?

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