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Onboarding is more than an app

Have an employee onboard is not yet winning. The moment of truth comes in the first 100 days of employment. During that time, employees assess whether their expectations have been met, and whether they really like your organisation.

The first 100 days are the breeding ground for a fertile future, and require attention, creativity, and a structured approach. It’s the first step to a long-term partnership.

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Why employee onboarding?
Everyone is familiar with the term ‘induction period’, but onboarding is not the same as employee onboarding. This goes a lot further, and concerns the complete integration process of new employees within an organisation. It’s about getting to know an organisation, its culture, its work, its core, and its work values. It’s the first step in a new employee’s development into engaged and enthusiastic employees.
5% of new employees stop after the first working day. 20% have left within the first 45 days. And almost one in three new employees leave before the end of the first year (HRTech Review, 2019).
When you deliver a successful onboarding programme, there’s a 70% increase in the sense of belonging, a 50% increase in engagement, and a 37% increase in understanding the organisational goal (Harvard Business Review, 2019).
Strong onboarding improves productivity by up to 70% (Glassdoor and Brandon Hall Group, 2015).
Only 12% of employees in Europe consider their most recent onboarding to be very extensive and complete (Statista, 2018).

Goals as a partner

Appropriate programmes

Thanks to our approach, a programme was developed that fits the employer brand and matches the work values of the organisation. If you already own or are planning to purchase an onboarding app, we can help you with an appropriate design.

Involved and passionate

We make committed and enthusiastic employees more than just workers. Onboarding is about more than simply getting new employees on their feet. We pay attention to the operational and social aspects, but also to involvement in the strategy.

Creative customisation

No organisation and field are the same. That’s why we look at what your organisation needs and which onboarding programme best fits your people. Moreover, we really go for a ‘WOW’ effect for your (future) talent. So creative customisation!

Journey scan

Do you want to provide insight into the improvement potential of the onboarding process within your organisation? Request a quick scan and discover which improvements you can make.

They also realised an onboarding programme with Goals with a ‘WOW’ effect:
A powerful onboarding at Crowe

The employer branding theme ‘Power of Crowe’ has been implemented throughout the onboarding process. The extensive onboarding manual ensures structure and uniformity in the process.

Some connections are fundamental

Some connections are fundamental for new staff members at Utrecht University, in all phases of the onboarding process.

DELA. Work is also being done on onboarding

In the theme ‘Make life work’, a special social share site focuses on new staff members. Based on the work value ‘entrepreneurship’, they show how they make work out of their lives.

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Tattoo or not tattoo?

Ask yourself: Tattoo or not Tattoo? How proud are you of your brand and work?

The Goals Onboarding Kit

We ensure a ‘WOW’ effect during the pre- and onboarding of new employees which is in line with the employer brand. Curious how we do that?

Employee onboarding

Creating committed and enthusiastic employees starts with pre-onboarding and onboarding. After all, employee onboarding is much more than informing employees. It’s about providing them with everything they need to develop into committed and passionate employees.

A question which is often asked by family and friends after you’ve started your new job is:“How do you like your new job?” Good onboarding ensures positive answers and positive word-of-mouth about the first few months to the new employee’s network. Don’t you want that too?

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