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Win new employees by creating real ambassadorship!

The ultimate recruitment is achieved through the creation of ambassadors; colleagues who are so enthusiastic about the organisation that they are a magnet for other talent. With a powerful referral programme, you stimulate and activate this attraction.

In short, enthusiastic employees ensure even more enthusiastic employees. This is a circle that, with the correct use of referral, is unbreakable and of inestimable value.

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Why ambassadorship?
Good ambassadorship in the form of referral recruitment is an extremely effective method to find good staff. This is done by using your colleagues’ network. Studies have shown that information disseminated by employees has a positive effect on how attractive potential candidates find an organisation and their decision to apply (Van Hoye and Lievens, 2007, 2009).
The recruitment costs via referral recruitment are on average 40% lower than recruitment via other channels (Recruitment Key Figures Survey, 2019).
Candidates are found sooner, which means that vacancies are filled more quickly. Research shows that a candidate who was referred started working within 29 days. This takes an average of 39 days via a vacancy bank (Jobvite, 2019).
Candidates recruited through current employees move up the corporate ladder quicker, and show higher job satisfaction and longer retention (Zottoli and Wanous, 2000).
Almost 50% of referrals are still employed after three years versus 14% who came in through job boards (Jobvite, 2019).

Goals as a partner

Experienced and innovative

Goals is the specialist in nonstop employer branding, and is very experienced in setting up innovative and inspiring referral programmes.

Successful programmes

Our track record shows it: a good referral programme, with strong internal support, ensures that you can fill 30 to 40% of the vacancies via referral.

Inspiring challenges

Goals not only devises referral programmes, but it translates this into inspiring team challenges. In these referral challenges, we give employees the tools and insights to get started with referrals in an interactive and competitive way.

Challenge your ambassadors

Goals creates and implements highly effective referral challenges that match the organisational culture and recruitment needs. The programme consists of two fixed parts: A Challenge event and an online referral platform.

They also built successful referral recruitment with Goals:
DELA puts the dream team to work

An inspiring example of a referral programme with a good cause as an important motivation. With the theme ‘Make work of our dream team’, we encouraged employees to recruit new colleagues in a committed and fun way, and to make wishes come true.

Referral with social commitment

‘Referral news’ includes an extensive programme, including a tips and tricks platform, and we designed and implemented a global organisation. We put together a reward programme that reflects the social commitment of the organisation, and provides a benefit for the ambassadors. In view of the great need for recruitment, the savings have been enormous.

Alewijnse is on a mission to grow a team of talent

Through this referral challenge “We’re on a mission to grow our team of talent” we challenged teams to contribute to this. The more they contributed as a team, the more they earned. Not only in points and prizes, but certainly also in new colleagues, challenging projects, and career rewards. A challenge with profit for all involved! Don’t you want that too?

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You don’t make an employer brand; you already have that.

We will probably get a folder with our core values, devised by the management. A remark I heard the other day during a workshop. So it still happens...

Tattoo or not tattoo

How proud are people of the brand and the work of your organisation? Would they show it with a tattoo? Or what would have to happen for this to fit? During this stimulating workshop, we take you through the facets of an attractive employer. From an inspiring goal to the ultimate ambassadorship.

Referral recruitmen

Referral recruitment – recruiting new talent through your own employee network – is a very powerful tool within employer branding. These 10 success factors will help you set up and improve a successful referral recruitment campaign.

Talent knows talent. Current staff are therefore valuable players in recruiting talent. Generation Z and Millennials are particularly fond of this kind of approach. They attach great importance to atmosphere and culture in an organisation. They seek a personal approach and as much information as possible before accepting a job. Who better to take care of this than your own staff? Encourage ambassadorship within the organisation. The willingness is often great, but people lack the means or knowledge to act as an ambassador. It’s important to feel safe in that role. A good ambassador programme or referral programme helps.

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