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The network of former employees is worth its weight in gold

The employee journey doesn’t stop after an employee has left. A former colleague who has experienced positive offboarding is an ambassador for life, and enables you to build a close-knit alumni network.

Building a close-knit alumni network offers many advantages. After all, alumni are valuable to your organisation in several ways. They often have a wide external network, which can help you as an organisation to reclaim talent, attract new talent, or bring in new business. But not only as an organisation, your alumni and your own employees also benefit from a close-knit alumni network.

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Why an alumni network?
If you manage to turn alumni into loyal supporters, they’re a source of new contacts. Think of attracting new talent, but also new customers, suppliers, or partners. In some cases, it can even lead to a return to the organisation.
Organisations with a large alumni network can trace no less than 30% of their business back to this (McKinsey and Company, 2013).
It’s essential that the network of alumni is relevant and interesting for its members. There must be something to be gained (National Office for Entrepreneurial Netherlands).
In a survey by the Financieel Dagblad, a third of the respondents indicated that they wanted to work for a former employer again. 27% actually returned to a previous employer.
Almost 40% of hiring managers see benefits in re-hiring former employees. They’re familiar with the culture of the organisation, and are often more productive (The Corporate Culture and Boomerang Employee Study, 2019).

Goals as a partner

An appropriate network

At Goals, we have experience in building alumni networks that are completely in line with the organisation and its employer brand.

Creative communication

We’re experts in developing creative means to further strengthen communication to alumni in a surprising way.

Not passive, but active

Our alumni strategy is aimed at actively and regularly maintaining contact. In this way, you really build a close network.

Alumni management and red carpet programme

Make sure that alumni can always return to the organisation. Do this with strong alumni management and by staying in touch with them through activation. We help you capitalise on this network, and set up a red carpet programme for recruiting talent and expanding business.

They too are building a valuable alumni network with Goals:
Scientists catch with science

We have developed a very well-thought-out employer brand for Eindhoven University of Technology. Stories by scientists for scientists. The ultimate way to achieve involvement and build a lasting network.

Some connections are fundamental and lasting

The theme ‘Some connections are fundamental’ we developed for the beta faculty of the University of Utrecht, in addition to attracting talent, is also excellent for maintaining a close alumni network.

Share! That is and remains just Detron

Do you also share your professional knowledge, experience, and network with Detron after leaving the company? This is a versatile employer brand that translates well to be in distinctive and surprising offboarding and alumni activities.

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Tattoo or not tattoo?

Ask yourself: Tattoo or not Tattoo? How proud are you of your brand and work?

A strong and close-knit alumni network

Together with your organisation, we build a close-knit alumni network from which benefits you, your employees and your alumni!

Employee Promoter Score

Committed employees provide a higher added value. This results in satisfied and loyal employees. But how do you measure employee engagement? In our view, the Employee Promoter Score is the best method, especially when an employee is about to leave.

Out of sight, but not out of mind. An active alumni network makes the employer brand stronger. In general, alumni remain active within the industry or field. They have a positive feeling about the organisation, which makes them the ideal ambassadors for attracting new talent. But it also allows for talent management outside the organisation. With a good alumni programme, the bond between the alumni and the organisation remains warm for a long time.

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