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Which building blocks make your organisation irresistible?

With us, the candidate journey flows smoothly into the employee journey. Because we implement employer branding in all facets, you can achieve sustainable results. By showing you care for your employees, you become an organisation that people want to work for.

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Our nonstop services

Employer branding & Job marketing
Target group and labour market analysis
Design inspiring purpose. BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL (BHAG) and work values
Visibility and activation
Selection, onboarding, and referral recruitment
Touchpoints and mutual selection conversations
Pre- and onboarding
Referral recruitment
Team development and internal communication
Internal communication
Working with goals
Team development
Strategic career planning
Offboarding and alumni
Offboarding programmes
Alumni management and activation
Red carpet programme

Online target group activation

Boosting job vacancies may have worked at some point in time. But these days, with the number of latent job seekers being six times higher than the number of active job seekers, you have to think more out of the box. Getting job seekers moving requires a different approach. With our smart online boost programme, you ensure visibility and activation.


By using smart AI (Artificial Intelligence) techniques, we ensure targeted visibility among the intended group. In addition to visually strong visibility, we provide substantively relevant content, which we know will interest talent.


We challenge the target group, and we seek interaction. This is generally done on the basis of a relevant career-oriented issues. We provide real added value for the candidate and encourage them to think.


We know what needs are at play through our interaction with talent. This allows us to show targeted evidence that underlines the match between the (potential) candidate and your organisation.


In the meantime, through visibility, interaction, and appealing evidence, we’ve paved the way for the ultimate goal: actually getting the candidate to apply or register for a career event.

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The success factor is in a preconceived plan. Within our Goals model, we offer various master classes to take your organisation to the next level.

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