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Colour your future

A colourful case for a colourful childcare. How SWKGroep gives colour to the future of children and employees.

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The Challange

The SWKGroep, together with its operating companies, stands for the development of people. How? By offering childcare, community work, care, and education. An organisation that gives. With people with the same mentality.

In a market where the shortage of childcare workers is growing exponentially, establishing a good employer brand is naturally important. Our challenge is to establish SWKGroep as an umbrella employer brand; promising and with vision. A brand that finds, wins, and binds the right employees for the various business units.


Through discussions with the board, management, and staff, it became clear that the drive to contribute to a colourful world was an important driver within the entire organisation. Indirectly at the SWKGroep office, and directly within the various locations with different identities.

The important theme of ‘diversity and inclusivity’ is substantiated by the many possibilities that the region – the Randstad – offers. Colourful work for a colourful world, with people who give colour to the future. For themselves and especially for someone else.

The result

The employer brand ‘Colour your future’ is expressed in the five work values: fun, development, challenge, experiences, and teamwork. With a unique photography style – staff, stained with colour powder – this is displayed in the pictures taken. These were eye-catching on every communication channel, offline and online. And that works.

We strengthen commitment and pride through the combination of internal and external programmes. This is also reflected in the results of the referral programme set up by Goals.


‘Colour your future’ was started internally with an activation programme. Employees were challenged to share a colourful photo of themselves on social media, with a beautiful face paint set that they received from the SWKGroep. Because it continues to enrich the candidate and employee journey with ‘colour your future’, we work with SWKGroep to achieve nonstop employer branding.

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