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Childcare thanks to you

In this national campaign, we provide a comprehensive meaning to the concept of childcare.

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The Challange

If we don’t do anything about it, there will be a shortage of more than 8,000 childcare employees in the coming years. That’s why we took on the challenge to recruit new employees for this wonderful profession!

We’ve given a different meaning to the word ‘shelter’. Because children take care of so much in childcare. Like compliments. New words. Each other. Or how they solve a problem. Thanks to you… pedagogical employee!


State Secretary Tamara van Ark has launched a national campaign ‘Childcare thanks to you’ with a beautiful New Year’s message and a thank you to all pedagogical employees for the special work they do. Watch the video on the right.

The website is the heart of the campaign. We developed various campaign messages and a test to find out whether working in childcare is something for you.

We, of course, captured this on screen, and it has led to a beautiful and very moving result. Watch one of the thank you videos on the right.

The result

Because of the catchy message and the concrete activation, the campaign has a high attention value throughout the country. The campaign scores very highly both offline and online. This is partly due to the efforts of our Goals campaign management. We achieved more than 300,000 visitors to the platform in the first two campaign months. A large number have also taken the test and clicked on the vacancy search function.


Of course we won’t stop here. In the coming period, we will enrich the campaign with new campaign images, a good referral programme, and more thank you videos. To ensure that children take care of even more. Maybe thanks to you!

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