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Do it best

How Holla Advocates has become part of the orientation process for starters and young professionals.

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The Challange

Holla Advocates is a business that ideally meets the needs of many starters. Yet this was not evident in the orientation process of students. Together with Holla, we set to work to portray the organisation in an idiosyncratic way and, moreover, to really activate the target group.


Research has shown that Holla Advocates has a lot to offer for starters and young professionals. Aspects such as the informal working atmosphere, diversity in work, and impact are very much in line with the needs of millennials and the upcoming Generation Z. The fitting claim that we developed for Holla is therefore: ‘Do your best.’

We encourage the target group to think about what they find important about working as a trainee lawyer in practice. We do this on three levels. First with appealing and stimulating campaign images with absurd situations that cause a smile, in the language of the target group. Second, by Holla’s completely independent Office Elector, in which the target group goes through eight short questions that form a profile. This shows what type of office suits them well. The third communication layer is in the form of one-minute videos and short Instagram stories – the real Hollas speaking. They provide proof that things treated in the office selector are really situations at Holla.

The result

The campaign results have far exceeded expectations. In addition to the enormous increase in the number of applicants and the quality of the candidates, we also succeed in having the candidates interact with the Holla brand through the Office Elector. In the first three months of the campaign, the Office Elector was completed over 1,200 times, and Holla received more than 30 additional qualitative applications.


Following the above activities, we retarget the target group with vacancy messages and event invitations (Holla Career Café and introductory days) to create nonstop employer branding.

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