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Be a part of better breeding

A resilient case for a multinational in animal genetics; Hendrix Genetics.

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The Challange

Hendrix Genetics has grown significantly in recent years as a result of many mergers and acquisitions. This is great for the company’s balance sheet, but the explosive growth also comes with challenges.

Recruiting people from different cultures. Huge variations in functions requiring different skills. Geographic challenges. Farms, stables, and offices situated in all corners of the world. Connecting knowledge and people is key. The employer brand had to support these comprehensive wishes.


Six work pillars emerged from our research. We translated this into an employer brand featuring the stars of the organisation. The Hendrix Genetics animals. The heroes, and the unifying factor. The employer branding concept has been gradually translated into an internal launch, an external launch, and an online strategy.

The result

Taking the work pillars into account, we developed a strikingly surprising concept. Our pay-off “be part of better breeding” trickled down into a corporate employer brand manual, which was added to the existing brand manual. An all-encompassing online strategy and a referral game where an employee can – of course – adopt a Hendrix Genetics animal. Posters, banners, the website ... An animal invasion. Because of the size of the company, we also put vacancy templates into a creative package with bite-sized choices … uh possibilities. Nice fact? We successfully recruited a senior software developer with less than €800 investment. A nice amount, especially if you compare this with the costs for a contemporary recruitment agency.


The turkeys liked it, and so did our customer. Just like Hendrix Genetics, we’re continuously improving. Continuous improvement, divided into steps. We’re in full development to bring the animals to you as quickly as possible. New opportunities, new possibilities. Nonstop.

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