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Update your career at Fontys ICT

How Fontys is able to attract ICT teachers in this scarce labour market.

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The Challange

Recruiting IT professionals. That seems almost impossible in the current labour market. Especially when you talk about ICT teachers. Because how attractive are you as an educational institution next to all the large ICT companies in the region? We accepted that challenge!


The teachers at Fontys ICT have very diverse backgrounds. Based on this, we also saw specific pull factors in the analysis phase for entering the teaching profession. That’s why we started communicating in a very target group-oriented way in this job marketing campaign. Based on four separate recruitment funnels:

ICT specialist at a commercial company, ICT teacher at another study programme, ICT freelancer, or former student of Fontys ICT.

We specifically address the motivators of each target group. Whether it’s about freedom at work or the social impact; by emphasising the right points in the communication, we really know how to stimulate and we set the target group in motion. Fontys ICT is your career update!

The result

We translated the job marketing campaign ‘update your career’ into attractive photography and film with Fontys ICT’s teachers in the lead. In testimonial videos, they explained how they experience working at Fontys ICT. Without a script, and straight from the heart.

The use of these videos and photography has had a high level of attention among ICT professionals in the region. The campaign has led to all Fontys ICT vacancies being filled for the new school year.


But we’re not done. We’re currently developing the employer brand with Fontys ICT, aimed at finding and retaining ICT teachers in the long-term. Both externally and internally. Nonstop.

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