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Sharing. That's Detron.

How authentic work values contribute to an attractive employer brand.

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The Challange

It’s raining offers for IT talent. This target group is now opposed to an active approach. We have nevertheless managed to really interact with the target audience. On one hand, this has been done through an appealing campaign, which is congruent with the Detron working values. On the other hand, it has been through the application of gamification, so that the work values are experienced in an accessible way.


A powerful employer brand is an authentic employer brand. This was an important starting point in the campaign. We have formulated four working values from workshops with employees. The most important: Togetherness. You do it together. Success and setbacks.

This led to the campaign ‘Sharing. That is how Detron originated .’ With the campaign we showcase through six themes (from content to fun) that the working values are not just conceived, but are actually lived through in practice. We got the hard-to-reach ICT professional to interact with the work values through an accessible and humorous game. In this way, we build appreciation for the brand, with the aim of being more open to job opportunities at Detron.

The result

In the first quarter of the campaign, we were able to activate over 2,000 visitors to go through the entire game. Partly due to activation at this level, the number of applicants increased significantly in the first campaign quarter.

The power of good content management

The six themes are fully used within Detron. It’s a coat rack on which activities and communication can be hung. Detron’s marketing department is very active with content management, so that the shell of the campaign is actually underlined with evidence. The candidate sees real examples online of #sharingfun #sharingexpertise #sharingsuccess. Because sharing ... that’s Detron.

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