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Make life work

Life is more than just a tile on the wall. We made a living with DELA.

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The Challange

DELA is a strong brand with consumers, with an ambition to be the number 1 employer in the Netherlands. Making DELA an irresistible employer. We researched the organisation and put it on the map as the number 1 employer.


After panel research, we found that every colleague is committed, honest, and enterprising. They’re generally in the middle of their life, and driven by passion and ambition. DELA people want to get the most out of life. A lively party followed: the employer brand was born. Make life work. DELA.

The result

We asked: ‘How do you make life work?’ The result: over 100 inspiring, motivating, and moving stories. We selected the best ones. We followed employees at work and privately. The stories were given a place on Maakwerkvanhetleven.nl. The emotion flowed together on the website, because life is emotion. In text, in photography, and in images. In particular, have a look at our movie where three recruiters from DELA gave interview tips. To appeal to even more talent, we’re working on an online campaign and a referral campaign.


Winning externally means starting inside. That’s why we’ve designed the employer brand with the employees, and focus on onboarding and career planning. The entire candidate and employee journey must match the employer brand.

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