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You don’t make an employer brand; you already have that.

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“Then we get a folder with the core values which have been devised by management.” This was a comment I heard during a recent workshop. So, it still happens. We come up with a few core values and then tell employees how to comply with them. With a folder! Gosh. You don’t make a brand; you already have that. And also, an employer brand. And that’s how you identify it.


Let your brand live

With a strong employer brand, you show future employees why it’s nice to work for you. Your brand comes to life in all your communication with this target group. You can, of course, express a certain ambition, but the gap with reality should not be too big.


Put your employees first

Who better to answer the question why your organisation is a great employer than you employees? Identify your employer brand by talking to them. Organise workshops, ask questions on the intranet, and get employees to share stories.


This input forms the basis for your strategy and creative concept. And it also helps you tell your story. Soon after that workshop, a participant will say: ‘This is who we are and why I work here!’

Ben Verhagen

Founding Partner

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