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The value of work values

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Those vacancies must be filled! It’s often the elephant in the room that prevents you from seeing what you should actually be focusing on. Building an employer brand and becoming an employer of choice is a long-term process. Keep posting those vacancies, but also start working on a successful long-term plan.

From corporate culture to work values. The corporate culture is the sum of the ambitious collective goal, the norms and values, manners, and environment. Every individual contributes to this with his or her own motivation, ambition, norms and values, and behaviour.

The culture fit is still an underestimated part of the recruitment process at many organisations. While hard qualities (work experience, diplomas, etc.) often prevail, culture fit is more important for a lasting collaboration. Spreading inspiring work values, and translating them into clear examples of this, encourages employees to feel connected to the organisation. The way in which employees implement these in their daily work helps to further shape and strengthen the culture. This makes staff feel even more appreciated and involved.

This ultimately affects the brand values of the company (what does the customer experience in the service?). The work values tell how the employees act, and how to achieve the brand values.

New employees reinforce the corporate culture if they fit in with this culture. On the other hand, too many mismatches can also change the culture. That can be the intention if a change is needed. For example, from more familiar to more result-oriented.

The employer brand helps organisations showcase what they offer in the job market, and the talent they need to succeed, recruit, and retain.

Long before applicants become aware of the organisation as a potential employer, they consciously or unknowingly pick up information about your brand through news, social media, job boards, internet searches, acquaintances, or other contact points. This creates a positive association with the brand. If the potential candidate subsequently comes into contact with concrete job opportunities – for example via a vacancy post – the chance of serious interest is no less than three times greater.

Erik Broeder

Managing Partner

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The value of work values

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