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How do I use the Employee Promoter Score for strong labour market communication?

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The EPS indicates the degree of loyalty and ambassadorship of employees. Why is it important to measure this, and how do you apply the results in your labour market communication?

From Net Promoter Score (NPS) to EPS


Ben Verhagen, director of Goals Employment Marketing, says in the white paper : “What I see more and more recently, and what makes me enthusiastic is the translation of an NPS into an EPS.” An NPS is a number that companies use to measure the extent to which customers recommend their products/services to other future users. This is an important figure that indicates to what extent companies and employees are valued by their customers.


This from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam explains that the EPS indicates to what extent the current employee recommends the company as a future employer. Of course, this says a lot about employee involvement. But also, about how the employer deals with its employees. Link this to the why, and the basis for authentic and relevant labour market communication is born.


Relevant labour market communication

Big Data is hot. Information is integrated everywhere and is therefore easily and quickly available. These developments have a large number of advantages, but at the same time also one very big risk; organisations act more according to figures and close themselves off from real practice. Verhagen says: “If you just look at the scoreboard, you lose the match.”


We see this happening a lot in the field of labour market communication. Employee satisfaction surveys are increasingly becoming a goal in itself, and organisations are blind to the response rate. But in the end, the main question is never answered. An employee satisfaction survey says nothing about employee engagement. The EPS makes a difference in that it helps you find the right answers for employer branding.


The benefits of an EPS

The EPS helps you ascertain whether you’re considered a good employer. Based on one easy question, the figure indicates whether employees are loyal, and whether they’d recommend you as an employer. In addition to retrieving the correct information with the EPS, the figure also serves as a gauge. In doing so, you don’t rely solely on the number, but rather use the number as a measurement to see whether you’re on the right track. Then you continue from there. Look at the environment, listen carefully to the target group, and start a conversation. In this way, you’ll get the most valuable information for strong labour market communication.



Ben Verhagen

Founding Partner

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