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Why crossboarding deserves your attention

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Over the years a lot has been invested in attracting talent. But what about the focus on retaining that talent? This can, unfortunately, be neglected. And although this topic should always receive attention, it’s now extra important. This is mainly because of the extreme scarcity on the labour market in many industries. The proper organisation of crossboarding programmes is an important part of this. It’s now time for a brief explanation.


We all know what onboarding is. It’s about ensuring that the first 100 days run in such a way that the new employee feels welcome in the organisation he/she has chosen to join. The ‘fit’ on all terrains is noticeable. At Goals, we use the five Cs: Culture, Connection, Compliance, Clarification, and Challenge. Read the white paper if you’d like to know more about it.


Even if that real talent has gone through the onboarding process really well, you’re still not done. The question is not how you keep someone satisfied in their position, but whether your talent continues to be challenged. A proactive crossboarding policy stimulates this, and prevents talent from checking whether the grass is (even) greener at other companies.


The three main advantages of a good crossboarding programme are:


1 Motivate talent: Recognising talent through good crossboarding allows the motivation of that same talent to increase. This also applies in their current job. By creating a high-impact learning culture, and combining this with advancement opportunities, you show that you reward self-development.

2 Guarantee your culture and work values: Talent needs at least a year to live the work values, culture, and ambitions of the company. Longer employment contracts strengthen the organisational genes, and therefore strengthen the result.

3 Lower your recruitment costs: Recruiting and onboarding new talent can easily cost between €10,000 and €30,000 per hire. By offering promotion opportunities with a good crossboarding programme, you reduce those costs(what’s more talent in the new position is way more productive!).


Job satisfaction is often measured. But to what extent do you measure whether people feel challenged and motivated in their job? The new year is a good time to test this and find a match between the ambitions of your employees and the possibilities within the organisation for the future.


A few tips:


The following also applies here: Measuring is knowing. Track the entire funnel per media channel. Then you will know which efforts and investments have been successful.


Erik Broeder

Managing Partner

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