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10 tips for improving employee engagement

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What is the importance of committed and enthusiastic employees? In the free white paper , we explain it very simply: committed employees deliver a higher added value. This results in satisfied, loyal, and committed customers, which in turn leads to sustainable growth and profit. The links profitability to involvement. And committed (and enthusiastic) employees are the first vital link in the chain. They are the driving force behind a great customer experience, innovation, and productivity.


10 tips for success

  1. Effective internal communication is the critical success factor in all employee engagement initiatives. Make sure that everyone in the organisation understands why we do what we do.

  2. Senior and middle management are critical to the success of employee engagement, so actively involving and motivating them is the first step.

  3. Support management with a core concept, a message map, and creative tools and initiatives that help them communicate with employees in a consistent and engaged manner.

  4. Make sure that initiatives around employee engagement and internal communication are anchored in the strategy of the organisation.

  5. Every organisation gives its own meaning to employee engagement. Make sure that everyone looks at the concept the same way and thinks about how engagement can be measured.

  6. Use the organisational compass to prioritise, control and manage key messages, as well as to avoid complexity in the messages.

  7. Act from insights into the information needs of employees: research!

  8. One size does not fit all. Identify employee target groups.

  9. The effectiveness of internal communication programmes must be measurable and contribute to the operating result.

  10. Employee engagement requires continuous dialogue in the organisation, top-down and bottom-up. The cascade model simply doesn’t work well enough.

Erik Broeder

Managing Partner

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Ben en Erik gaan voor échte Goals-tattoo

Een tattoo van je werkgever. Het is dé ultieme vorm van ambassadeurschap. Mooi als je dát lukt als werkgever. Ben en Erik, strategen bij Goals, zeggen het al twee jaar lang: “Nu zetten we die echte Goals-tattoo.” Nu is het dan écht zo ver!

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Committed and enthusiastic employees through challenging and inspiring internal communication.

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